Introducing new feature – geolocation

Get your listing on a map for visitors to see

Miniature Atlas’s primary goal is to dial up the convenient factors for hobbyists across the globe. So after a caffeine-fueled night we managed to bring a great feature online!


Without further adieu we are proud to introduce a new feature: geolocation!


Well it’s a fancy way to say we managed to bring a Google map-alike online, except this is for hobby stores, commission painters and the likes only.

How does it work?

As a business owner you might find a new optional detail called “Location”, where you can add your business or studio location. 

Locations, locations

Once filled in visitors then can see your listings around their location on the Explore tab.

Aaaand just like that

What’s the point of having both this and Country & Region features on?

Two reasons: our website uses Country & Region as the main search criteria, so removing it will basically destabilize the site, and that’s going to take more than a few sleepless nights to fix that.

We also know from experience that some listings do not have any offline footprints and Miniature Atlas is dedicated toward all hobby-related businesses. So we are keeping the feature so you will always have an option.

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