Introducing: Miniature Atlas

What is Miniature Atlas?

You can say it is “Yelp for miniature hobbyists”, that is the primary goal of this website. However, there will be so much more down the road!

How does is work?

As a customer you can search nearby (or other areas) for stores and services (commission painting, 3D sculpting etc.) listed by business owners. Similar to Yelp, people can rate, review any shop or services they use.

As a business owner you can list your business for others to see and review. The goal is to provide a centralised place where customers can search and find what you offer.

Is it free to list my shop/service here?

Yep, listing your shop or service is free as long as you created a business account there. There will be premium features further down the line but listing will always stay free of charge.

Does your website handle shipping, pricing negotiation etc.?

Unfortunately we are not equipped to handle individual operations and logistics at the moment. We are only providing an online directory and operational details will be between you and the customers.

What kind of businesses are welcome on this site?

If you are a:

1) Independent hobby shop

2) Commission painter

3) 3D artists

4) Traditional sculptors

Then welcome aboard! Our ultimate goal is to help independent businesses and provide them with a platform.

That being said...

We are not currently catering towards any stores or individuals that are selling used miniatures.This may change in the future depending on demand.

One last thing, recasts are definitely out of the question, any listings found selling recasts will be removed immediately.

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