How to list your business

Feeling overwhelmed with all the functions or a bit lost on how to start listing your business? Fret not, this article will point you to the right place and get you started in no time.

Before we start: why listing it on here?

Our core objective is to create a platform where the potential customers can find the RIGHT store, service without aimless wondering on Google or social media sites like Facebook.

Similarly we also feel the pain of independent hobbyists whose business entirely depending these sites.

So Miniature Atlas to provide you, a hobbyist who owns a business, a platform to showcase your crafts and to attract right customers for your business.

Step 1: Creating an account

This is the first and most important step: creating your own account.

If you ever used Yelp then this might come as a shock, because anyone can add their business to Yelp.

However, we at Miniature Atlas put trust above all else, and all listings will be vetted by the admins before publishing them to the wider audience.

Therefore it is important to create an account with us in order to be part of the platform.

Simply fill in the details (2-minutes tops), pass the spam check and you are ready to go!

Make sure you select Business Owner if you want to list & promote your businesses.

Once you are done then you can start adding your listing!

Step 2: Adding your listing

Once you are done registering then you can press that big button that says “Add a listing“. If you somehow skipped step one because you are so eager then don’t worry, pressing it will simply redirect you to register or sign-in.  

If you are signed in then it will redirect you to the page below:

There are two sections – don’t worry, you only need to fill-in all the fields under General to submit your listing. The Optional fields are simply there to give your businesses an opportunity to stand out amongst the crowd.

Step 3: Submit & approval

As mentioned earlier, we want to connect customers with right business, therefore, any submitted listing will require admin approval. Painful I know, but necessary.

Please allow for 2 – 4 business days for the approval processes once you have submitted your listing. The process may vary but here are some tips that can help you expedite the process:

– Register using the same e-mail as your business e-mail

– A screenshot that proves that you are the admin of your business website

Once it’s been approved then your business will be publicly available to thousands of potentional customers! 

Did this convince you to take the first step and list your business on here? Anything you'd like to see us improving on? Leave a comment or fill up the form below:


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