Emperor’s Champion – A Living Miracle or Disaster?

In case you missed out, GW just released their beefed up version of the famous Emperor’s Champion, and the result is…meh?

The new model is a great sculpt by itself. It feels robust, fits the overall theme of a scarier and beefier Space Marine from the beloved Warhammer 40K universe. However when you put the two side-by-side, let’s just say the new one makes me appreciate the classic even more.

The main issue is the pose. Funny enough the old model felt more dynamic than the new one. The classic version definitely looks more menacing, with the sword’s edge pointed outwards and a clenched fist. The classic looked fearless, imposing and unmoving, which is something you’d expect for a champion.

The new guy looks more like he’s posing for a photoshoot than anything else. I get that GW wants to show off all the shiny new details such as the engravings on the sword, the new purity seal and so on. They all look great individually, but somehow feel out of place when put together.

The worst thing is GW had a perfect pose they can reference to – queue the concept art.

A miniature like that will surely look much better than what they have on offer. Of course translating concept art into something 3-dimensional is always tricky, but one can’t help but wonder, why not?

Whether you like it or not, here it is, the new champion ready to fight in the grim dark future of the Warhammer 40K universe. What do you think? Be sure to comment below!

Image Source: Warhammer Community


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