Baby steps – how to add your first listing

Adding your business is easy, and free!

 Simply register as a business owner and click on “Add a listing” to start your journey. 


At Miniature Atlas we aim to make the process as smooth as possible. The details in the listing process aims to get all the relevant information that will help showcasing your business. The listing process is divided into two components: mandatory information (i.e. General) and any added information you’d like others to know (Option).

The must - General information

A business listing must have some information (like the name) to go on. The key focus will be allowing anyone to search for what they want near them. As a website dedicated to showcase visual items, a good description and clear images are the keys to attracting potential customers!

The nice to have - optional information

The more detail you provide, the wider the outreach. As the name suggests, these are optional information such as logo, cover image These can be completed after your listing has gone up.

So things like logo, website, detailed contact info etc. will all help viewers decide what they want, but you can do that at your leisure.

What's next?

You have the option to preview your listing and make any changes before you submit. Once you do it will be sent to our team for review, once it passes then you are good to go!

Getting verified

We take authenticity very seriously to ensure your business detail is factually correct. Therefore, someone will review your submission and contact you once you submit.

Although you can list your business or service without getting the “Verified” badge, but having it means Miniature Atlas and the community thinks you are a trustworthy business!

The exact details will be sent to the e-mail contact you provided, so be sure to check your spam folder as well.

So that’s it, a few step process to help you establish a foothold at our humble website.

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